Personalized services for HR Consulting

Training created to help you enjoy working with people: We are convinced that you can help your team enjoy any training. With this goal in mind, we’ve adapted the training format to your needs through the following proposed activities:

  • Training tips about specific subjects: effective communication with teams, efficient management of meetings, cultivating the art of networking, knowing how to communicate in public, being successful in multicultural and intergenerational teams, effective interviews, change management, an openness to continuous learning, and the advantages of thinking critical.
  • Monographic workshops: How to update selection processes, positive conflict management, keeping the team motivated, methods for performance evaluation, constructive leadership.
  • Prepare career and professional development plans (mentoring, job coaching, training itineraries) with the goal of guaranteed coverage for strategic positions in an organization.
  • Designing and implementing talent management policies to achieve motivated and highly competent teams.
  • Structural and functional evaluations for HR departments, as well as redesigns aimed at empowering and valuing human capital (job profiles, procedure and protocol creating, etc.)
  • Optimizing existing structures, redirecting a team towards excellence (selection efficiency, collaborative climate, seminars on emerging skills).
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